The Bridge Church


What does that mean - "a modern first-century church?"  To us, it is very important.  

Let's break it down one part at a time:

1) Modern - We live in a modern world and relevance is the key to our methods and our message.  

2) First-Century – From studying the life and writings of the first-century church, we understand that the followers of Christ committed themselves to fellowship, prayer, breaking of bread, and the apostle’s teachings.

The first century church, although certainly not perfect, was basically pure in their faith in regard to Christ and their love for one another.  That was a time, for the most part, when there were very few if any religious forms added to worship.  For example: an unhealthy emphasis on buildings; needless costuming; unwarranted positions of honor; adopting and instituting man-made teachings, and even redefining the meaning of “the church.”

3) Church - We all have an image of what "church" looks like. So for one moment set aside your image of church and take a walk with us. Come in on Sunday morning and see some real smiles and friendly faces. Help yourself to free donuts, coffee. Find a seat in our cafe style meeting area and enjoy your continental breakfast. Connect with the speaker (not always the pastor) opening up the Bible and taking a real-life look at what these words mean to us today. Join in (if you want) with acoustic-style praise and people around you as we worship God with passion and authenticity. And then come out and have lunch with us after church and dive into this community.  The believers are "the church" and "service" is what we do and we are called to be 'servants'. We want you to come check it out for yourself. Stop by some Sunday morning and say hi. For the where and when of it all, click here.

We value the community around us and our relationships with each other.  
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What do we believe?
If, at this point, you're wondering what our faith is really all about, what makes us tick, then click here for the essentials...