The Bridge Church

Rufus Harris
- pastor -

Office Phone: 248-895-4235

Rufus Harris believes, has been affected by, and is confident in the power found in the Good News of Jesus Christ.  This is the message presented in his life, testimony, and music.  He started following the Lord in 1972 and experienced for himself the life/attitude changing power of Jesus.

He began teaching the Word at The House of Prayer - an inner-city Christian commune in Detroit founded by George W. Bogle - in 1974.  The ministry consisted of mostly young people and was formed in the midst of the turmoil of the late 60s.  Rufus considered this one of the greatest experiences of his life.  Around that same time, he was the principal writer and leader of the band – Jubal.  He sang and played guitar with the group in the late 70s and 80s and toured throughout the Midwest and East coast sharing the Good News.   In the late 80s Rufus became one of the leaders at Gary Wilkerson’s Church in the City ministry.  Rufus often referred to it as “a ministry that preached a non-compromising Gospel in a non-religious way.”

In 1988 he published his first book.  He felt that the principle doctrines of Christ were either being overemphasized or underemphasized by the church and knew that for Christian growth and unity to occur, there needed to be a balance.  So he published Milk of the Word.  The book focused on the importance of having a balanced foundation for spiritual growth.

In 1999, he started his solo music ministry and over a period of 10 years released three independent albums.  His freshman self-titled release (1999) focused on the relationship the Believer can have with Christ and his sophomore release (2003) – How Do You Read It? -addressed the state of the Western church.  The third was a Christmas album entitled Come and Listen: Songs of the Savior (2006).   He currently works on an acoustic (rufus unplugged) project and an untitled  5th project.

He co-founded and became executive director of a non-profit organization called the CAMP in 2002.  The CAMP – Christian Artists and Musicians Project was designed to promote independent Christian artists and train them for institutional ministry.  He soon became known as a man with a no-nonsense approach to the Word and a unique ability to appeal to a diverse audience in message and music.

Rufus continues to touch many with his music and message.  In addition to sharing his music, serving as executive director of the CAMP, and serving as pastor of the Bridge.  He is the husband of wife – Denise, father of two daughters – Naomi and Simone and the grandfather of Ariel and Autumn.