The Bridge Church

We can do nothing without God’s help. We may plant seeds, we may water things, but God is the author and cause of growth. Prayer is our way of partnering with God as he does His work in the lives of people. Prayer is more than a program, more than a ministry team, more than one of many tasks on “to do lists”; prayer is HOW we do the list! Prayer is seeking God’s wisdom and God’s help in accomplishing the Mission. Prayer is the first priority in the strategy. Jesus lived and prayed this way. How much more ought we to? The Bridge is a house of prayer. In every team, every CG/Home Group, every gathering, every task, every strategy, prayer is the 1st step.

Prayer is the life-blood of The Bridge. It's what keeps us in tune with God and in line with His vision for us. And to be honest, He is doing incredible things through us and our prayers! It's amazing to see Him work and we can't wait to watch as he moves us onward and upward.

For prayer requests please email: