The Bridge Church

We want to tell people about Jesus! Our model for this comes from the parable of the sower. Like the main character in the story, our goal is to sow the seeds of the Gospel generously, unconditionally - even recklessly...then leave the results to God.
We see this church as a place that assembles the key ingredients for spiritual growth. These ingredients will be accessible for use by God, and for consideration by those who attend—believers and seekers.
We believe that only when people are empowered to be authentic, will they leave church having experienced true love.
Though we expect that many will enjoy our creative and relevant programs, we don't want to be defined by them. Our goal is that people will know we are Jesus' disciples by our love for each other.
As a church, it's our goal to help people make informed decisions rather than impulsive ones—especially when it comes to choosing to follow Jesus. We believe the best way to provide this information is by exposing people to a careful and accurate picture of the historical and eternal Jesus.
We believe that there is only one way to salvation, and that way is found by faith in Jesus—that His work on the cross alone makes us holy and able to experience eternity with God. We believe that the Bible in its original form is God-breathed, 100% true and the ultimate authority on the issues it teaches.
We are committed to pursue denominational, generational and racial unity within and outside the Body of Christ.
We're not going to build this church on the backs of giants, but through a community of believers serving together. Our goal is to help people identify and develop their gifts and passions, then provide opportunities where, together, we can use them to worship God.
Love People and Use Things—be careful not to mix them up. That's our heartbeat. It's our goal to invest in people, helping them identify and grow into the people God created them to be—and that's where service should flow from.

We believe in church planting. It’s our vision to start new churches in other areas and support other new churches. Sometimes this happens indirectly as a result of The Bridge and someday it will happen directly. Though we're not denying the value of mega-churches, we believe that the level of intimacy and community we desire would be difficult to achieve in a mega-church.

We want to be a church that makes a difference in our community—one that corporately does something. St. Francis once said, "Preach the Gospel at all times. If necessary, use words." We believe that! Let's preach the gospel with our actions and clarify the message with our words.
We want to be a church where families and friendships can thrive. And we believe that this does not come accidentally. For couples, we hope to stimulate purposeful relationships that thrive in the sunlight of authenticity and intimacy. For families, we hope to deliver relief from the endless cycle of trial and error that governs many families, replacing it with biblical parenting principles and peer support. For friendships, we hope to challenge individuals to healthy commitments and sharpening relationships. This value is foundational.
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You Got Questions?
We've got answers. Check out the Contact page for a list of people you can email about specific areas of The Bridge. Or, if you don't know who to ask, just send us a general email...we promise to write back : )